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It’s September Already??

It is hard to believe! Here is a little sampling of what we have been keeping busy with.
I just celebrated my birthday – what a fun year – 9/9/09! My dear husband was going to take me out for dinner, while my mom kept the children. However, when we went to drop them off, my family surprised me with a party! I had no clue, and it was special.

An extra special birthday surprise was my dear friend Kendra coming down from Michigan to celebrate with us! Thanks girl!

Also note the brand new baby carrier I am wearing. My sil Suzy made that for Johann and I for our birthdays! It is wonderful – well made and comfortable. Easy to use and wearable on front or back of mommy. If you are interested in ordering one from her, contact me and I’ll put you in touch! (If you are familiar with the ergo baby carrier, these are similar in style and function.)

Johann got some gifts too, since his birthday is next week! Can you believe he is going to be ONE already? I cant! It is hitting me hard, actually – harder than me turning a year older! I think with each baby I am gaining more perspective on just how fleeting the baby stage is! Johann is a sweetheart, and starting to take his first steps this week!

Yesterday we enjoyed a visit from my sister-in-law plus five children. The children played and played all day long and had such a fun time together. These boys worked hard and were finally able to take down this branch that was partially cracked from the tree. They were so proud!

Last week we had a bonfire at Grandpa Howard’s house and it was fun to get some time with extended family as well. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy were in town. Here they are with my cousins Eric and Craig, and Craig’s new wife Monica. They were recently married and it was the first time we had met her. She seems to really be a sweetheart.

The newlyweds:

Me and my Grandpa Howard:

The following morning we traveled a few hours to visit friends Jason and Tina for the Labor Day weekend. We had such a nice time, and our ten children all had a blast playing with each other!

Oh, here we are back at Grandpa’s bonfire. Sorry these aren’t in order!
Fabio and Mom

Me and Scotty

Israel and Moriah

Joshua and Dillon

Johann at the park looking cute as a button!

Enjoying this beautiful weather while we can!

Riding the purple dinosaur:

And last but not least, we have also enjoyed having guests lately. Last week this lovely family, the Nichols graced our home for a few days with their presence. They are missionaries in Brazil and we so enjoyed getting to spend some time with them.
(And the week before we had visitors from a ministry called the Covenant Players stay with us. I failed to get a picture of them…)

And that just about brings you up to date on the highlights of our recent lives. 🙂 I guess I could also add that all four children recently had their yearly check-ups at the doctor and they are all growing well and very healthy. I can’t even express how thankful I am for that!!!