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Israel’s Second Birthday

Israel had his second birthday last Wednesday! He is now a *terrific* two-year-old!! We are so blessed with him in our family – he is so full of life and so full of joy. It is super-easy to get a good picture of him smiling, because that is what he does most of the time anyway!
These pictures show his personality well:


His birthday started at the breakfast table, as usual – where his big sister was kind enough to unwrap his gifts for him!

I tried to get a couple of sibling pics after that:

Then we had lunch at McDonald’s with my girlfriend Michelle and her little ones:

Michelle was kind enough to bring cupcakes even!

Then for supper Mom and Jack came over. I wish I’da gotten a picture of the whole table! But here he is blowing out his candles on the cake that Grandma Carol made him:

Here is the cool new toy he got from Grandma Carol!

And our happy guy again!

I had to end this post with this picture! :-)~

He is truly a BIG boy now! He is “mostly” potty trained, sleeping in a big boy bed and the last of his molars are almost all the way through. He is a fabulous eater and sleeper, so what more could we ask for? Well….. what we ask for is the wisdom to train him in obedience and godliness, and we ask for the Lord to bless him with a heart that loves the Lord more than life itself.
We love you, big buddy!