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Israel is walking!

Well, Israel took his own sweet time starting to walk, much to my surprise since he was my earliest crawler! I guess these little ones just like to keep us guessing!
Anyway, a couple days ago he took off, at 13.5 months old. 🙂 No slow build-up here! Once he decided to go for it, he was off! And SO proud of himself to be such a big boy! It totally made his whole day – he was just so happy with himself!

Look at him go!

And go!

And go!

So excited about his progress!

What a happy little guy! He is such a joy to have around!

Maybe this would be an appropriate place to include one of Joshua’s recent comments about Israel…..
A few weeks ago, Joshua said to me with such a happy face, “Mommy, it is such a blessing to have Israel in our family! He helps us a lot! He cleans all the garbage off the floor so we dont even have to!”
Hehe, who needs a dog? LOL! Joshua was not being sarcastic at all – he was totally serious! I dont even think he knows how to be sarcastic…. 🙂

And a video clip of the action: