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Israel is FIVE months old!

Yes, time flies! Our “newborn” is now rolling, learning to sit, crawl, and suck on his feet, among other exciting feats… or should I say “feets”. 😉

Here are a few pics of his big five months birthday, last Thursday.

For the record, he weighed in at 18lbs 7 oz and it was really hard to get an accurate measurement, because he never stretches out well and is always in constant motion, kicking the measuring tape away!, but as close as I can tell, he is about 28 inches. And he wears mostly 12 mos size clothes.

He is very smiley and loves to watch his siblings play ~ he thinks they are hilarious! He likes to play too. Sometimes when he fusses, I think he wants to nurse or needs to be changed or something, when all he really wants is to get down on the ground and play!

He can get up on his hands and knees now and rocks back and forth, and is starting to put his knees forward, but he doesn’t get very far that way. He does get pretty far on his belly, though.

He can sit for short periods of time, but really prefers to be on his belly.

We haven’t started solids yet, and he shows absolutely no interest either, although we have been having him sit at the table with us at meals lately. It is nice to have all three of them at the table now, like our little “olive shoots”! (see Psalm 128) He is perfectly content to chew on a teething ring at this point, however, and watch the rest of us eat!

Is he cute or what?
What a joy to have a happy baby around!

He is teething pretty badly now, even though nothing has come through the gums yet. He drools a lot and chomps on everything and has been up a lot at night… ugh. I can’t say I really enjoy sleepless nights, but I have found that a combination of clove oil and teething tablets help us both sleep better. 🙂

I love these chubby cheeks!

And these chubby cheeks, too!

And a quick video clip of his recent motion!

I dont know why comments didnt show up on my last post. I checked my settings, and everything is fine there, so hopefully they will show up this time. I live for comments! LOL!

I still have a lot to post, so stayed tuned!