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Interview with Mrs. Margy Tripp


A very edifying parenting conference at our church in February with Tedd Tripp, who authored Shepherding a Child’s Heart, led us (at MamaKnowsBest) to the opportunity to interview his wife, who also co-authored with him Instructing A Child’s Heart!

Well, the first segment of the interview is now up on MamaKnowsBest! Mrs. Tripp graciously took quite a lot of time writing to us younger mothers and I know you will be blessed by reading what she has to say. Because she took time to really deliver some “meat”, I will be publishing the interview in segments to give us all time to digest well the wisdom of her words.

She has also been kind enough to agree to giving away some of her books to readers of MamaKnowsBest!! Please check the site for information to win your copy!