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I have been tagged……..

by kathy S~!

So, now I guess I have to write five random things about myself…….

1. I got bucked off a horse when I was four and had to have stitches on my head. So, I still have a large scar right on the crown of my head where no hair grows… have to be careful about hair styles or it will show!

2. I was a vegetarian for five years before I got married. Then I decided to quit so I wouldnt have to cook two meals all the time! I’m still not a huge meat person, though, and still a “moderate” health nut…. (depends on when you ask me!)

3. Fabio and I met at a latin “discoteca” in Osaka, Japan. Ok, maybe most of you already knew that??

4. I was raised in the country and I am a country girl at heart. I still long for at least a “hobby farm” where I could have my horse, chickens, sheep and goats. Maybe someday??

5. I never watch tv. Seriously. We do watch a movie on occasion, but I literally never turn the tv on, and in fact, I dont even think it is hooked up to anything right now! We just use it for an occasional video.

And, lol, I dont know who to tag, because I think everyone I know of who has a blog has already been tagged! If I think of someone, I will post it later! Or, if you have a blog and havent been tagged yet, and wanna be tagged, speak up!