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Homeschool Field Trip

This was our history class last week ~ a trip to New Salem, where Abraham Lincoln lived.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we couldnt resist stopping by on our way home from my grandma’s, but I was severly disappointed that it is closed on Mon and Tues! (It was a Tues.) We could still walk around, but not go in anything, except the outhouse!
And here we have Joshua and Dominique in the outhouse. 😉 I couldn’t convince them to sit *on* the holes, though….
Joshua and Abe

Coming out of the outhouse while Daddy studies the architecture of a nearby cabin.

Mommy and children in front of the woodshed.
We know what that was really for, right? 😉
It was really a good idea to put these pics in sepia, because Dominique really clashed that day! My aunt had just given her a cute little skirt that she just LOVED and wanted to wear SO badly, but it was orange, and I only had a pink shirt along for her to wear with it. LOL! I decided to not make a big deal of it and let her wear the pretty skirt, and alas, you can’t even tell in these pics!
Joshua thought this bench was pretty cool! Maybe he will try to make on one day. My brother did when he was little. 🙂
Studying corn cobs.
Something *really* weird happened! All of my friend’s blogs are saved in my favorites file. Well, for the past couple of weeks, I had been checking in now and then with y’all’s blogs, but no new posts came up. I figured everyone had just been too busy to post lately. But by last night, I realized how strange this was, that NO ONE had updated for nearly 2 weeks! So, today, I visited a blog, and still nothing new. Then I clicked on refresh, and up came, like FOUR new posts from the past couple of weeks that I hadnt seen yet! So, I went to another blog, and same thing! This was not only with blogger blogs, but also homeschooler blogger, so I dont think it was a problem with blogger. I could see updates in other sites, like my email and another message board, just not on the blogs. Isn’t that weird!? Do you know what the problem might be?? If you do, let me know, because it is driving my logical mind crazy! So, that is why I haven’t commented on your blogs lately! 🙂