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Well, as I mentioned a few posts ago, my brother Aaron got back from Iraq on April 28. I really wish we could have been here for the homecoming, especially after we found out how cool it was! This is the email my brother Scott sent me the day after Aaron got home:

aaron and the rest of the unit returned around 10:30 last night led by 428 harleys and some state police for 80 miles. there were thousands of people along the entire town on streets and lawns waving flags and banners. inside the compound there were around 600 family members to welcome them home. so contrary to what you hear on the media , people really do support our troops. scott

Scott made this sign and the one below and mounted it at Aaron’s base the week before the homecoming. Pretty cool!

Uncle Aaron meets baby Moriah. 🙂

We sure are happy to have you home, Aaron! Thank you for your service to our country. I love you!