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Happy New Year!!

Well, this is a little “after the face”, but Happy New Year!

This is how we celebrated this year:

New Years Eve, we went to the zoo! I had never been to the zoo in the winter, nor in the dark, so it was quite a different experience that your typical idea of a trip to the zoo. It was fun! It was also snowing really hard, so that added to the excitement. 🙂

Joshua and Dominique measuring up to the dolphins.

Daddy and our little monkeys in the monkey house.

On New Years Day, we spent part of the afternoon with our friends and neighbors Ernie and Nelly. For those who are wondering, NO, Nelly has not had her baby yet! Keep on praying!
Here are some cute pictures I took on New Years Day.

Then that evening, we went to my brother Aaron’s house for some yummy homemade pizza. That was fun, as always, to be with family.

Dominique had a ‘do going on here. 🙂

The kiddos.