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Happy Birthday, Dominique!!

This past Wednesday was Dominique’s FOURTH birthday!

Somewhere a couple of years back, I started the family tradition of decorating the kitchen the night before one of the kid’s birthdays, including their chair as the “birthday throne”, so they can be surprised when they wake up the next morning. =)
So, here is the birthday princess, bright and early in the morn!

This little lip gloss compact was one of her FAVORITE gifts! I love the Dollar Tree…. hehe

Then for lunch, we went to McDonalds! We met my friend Michelle there, who has a little girl close to Dominique’s age, and we had a jolly Mcfun time!

I brought some brownies so we could sing together. 🙂

Addy and Dominique both have brand new baby brothers! Here is the first pic of Nicholas and Johann together:

Then, after going home for naps, we went to Grandma Carol’s for the family birthday party. I had princess crowns for all four of the princess granddaughters – Jessica, Cheyenne, Dominique and Moriah:

This is the first picture we got of all TWELVE grandchildren together, and there won’t be many, as number 13 is on the way!

The four birthday people- Dominique, Jack, Colton and Mom:

AJ and Johann

Dillon has a loose tooth that got yanked on by several people that night, too! It was stubborn, though, and refused to come out!

Moriah and Israel:

Daddy and Johann:

Johann is six weeks old now!

All my lovely men:

The only girls of the fam:

Johann – more alert every day:

Johann had his first check-up this week. Here we are waiting for Doc to come in:

In spite of having been born my smallest, it seems he is doing well in catching up with his siblings – he is in the 95th percentile for weight and 100th percentile for length! He is about 12 pounds now, and 24 inches long. Interestingly enough, that’s the same weight Israel was at at 6 wks, in spite of being 2.5 lbs bigger at birth! So, Johann seems to be packing it on pretty good!

Dr. Pareja is the doctor I used to work for before I moved to Japan:

Johann usually has plenty of company during tummy time – and all other times, too!
See how Israel was holding his hand? He just loves him!

Sweet brothers!