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Hallelujah Praise Report!!

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We have TWO answers to prayer to report! THANK you all for praying!

FIRST – Fabio is doing very well today. He is still a little tired/ weak, but it seems he is out of the woods after having dengue fever. Praise the Lord!


SECOND – my document finally arrived today!!! It took six weeks from the time it was sent. So, tomorrow we have to go to the Federal Police Department to apply for my Brazilian ID card. PLEASE continue to pray that everything goes smoothly for the rest of the process, and especially that they will excuse the fine we are being charged, because it was completely out of our hands. It was the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago that “forgot” to send the necessary document in order to put my application in, and then the postal system that sent the document for too many trips before bringing it to our address….

Also, several asked if the weather has cooled off any? No, unfortunately not. The time changed on Sunday, signaling the coming of fall here, but the weather did not follow suit. It is at about 110 degrees heat index right now, OUTSIDE, but it is much hotter in the apartment, not sure how much hotter, but I am sitting here doing virtually nothing and dripping in sweat. Nice, right? We shower many times a day, but even that brings little relief, because the water tank for the apartment is on the roof where it bakes in the sun all day and provides us with a nice, hot shower when we most want COLD water!!! It is supposed to rain tonight, which is the only time we get a little relief. 🙂

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and encouragement!!!

The Tsukayama Family