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Freedom Alert!!

Dear Friends,

I know most of you do not home school but that you are concerned about our liberties and freedoms as American citizens. In California, home schooling has been a legal right for a very long time, but last week, a judge working from anecdotal evidence, effectively banned home schooling for all Californians in one decision about one family. The Home School Legal Defense Association is still collecting facts about this particular case because they were not involved with the family prior to the judge’s decision. The details of the case are irrelevant however, in light of the fact that the judge has tried to prevent all Californian families from home schooling because of one case! Imagine if we all were banned from certain freedoms because of one criminal’s action? This decision is outrageous and threatens the right of parents to choose what is best for their children.

Dr. James Dobson, whom many of you respect, and who did not home school his own children, interviewed the president of HSLDA about this landmark case and it will be aired today. You can listen to the broadcast on the Focus on the Family website at your leisure. I encourage you to listen to the broadcast and sign the petition (link below) to send a message to this California judge that families all across the US are incensed by this decision.

Few things make me so angry as when our freedoms are threatened.

The only thing that makes me more angry is when no one stands up to fight when it happens.

Husbands and wives can sign separately. Here is the link: