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First Official Day of School!

Well, on Tuesday September 4, the day after Labor day, we started school “officially”. I say “officially”, because we have been doing lots of “unofficial” stuff for the last five years, but now it was time to get more organized and consistent.

It was a big day for Joshua, and we celebrated by going to the park afterwards and taking some “first day of school” pictures. 🙂

My little boy is growing right on up! He started school, learned to tie his shoes, and ride a 2 wheeler bike, all in the same week! More of the bike riding later….

He really got into our little mini photo shoot too!

So, now we have just finished up our second week of school and we are all enjoying it.

I am always SO excited when I get a picture of all three of the children looking at the same time, and even smiling!!! This was even on the first try!

Joshua and Dominique got a lesson in thinking ahead here!
They thought it would be fun to go down this slide holding hands, since it is joined so nicely…. at the top, that is!

Oops, Joshua got a head start!

Woah! These slides divide at the bottom!! I hadn’t noticed that from the top!!

All recovered from the wild slide ride!
Israel’s expression here is so typical. I love it!

Dominique, of course, wanted in on the photo shoot fun, too!

She picked the spot and the pose for this pic…


Israel’s first real experience in the swing, and it went quite well.

There is a video of it at the bottom of this post…

Is this a sweet shot or what? I could just eat him up!

All three of them in the “baby swings”…. maybe the only time they will all fit! So time marches on and children grow up…..

Here is the video of Israel swinging. I’m sorry my laughing and baby jabber is so obnoxious! I sound like I was a little too close to the camera, lol. Oh well, he is cute anyway!