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Family Time in America

Tea Party with Grandma Carol

Well… here we are, still in America! Our original goal was to be on our way to Japan the end of September… which has already come and gone. We then were shooting for the end of October… but now on the 8th, we are also discarding that possibility. On the one hand, it is hard not knowing when we are leaving and just feeling like we are in a perpetual phase of “hurry up and wait!”



With my sister-in-law Suzy and Amanda

On the other hand, we are learning much… learning to wait, to rest, to BELIEVE that God’s timing is best.

It is amazing what kind of “sludge” this upheaval has dredged up! So, maybe most importantly of all, the Lord is working on our hearts and on building the relationships within our family. It’s good… and it’s hard.

With my brothers Aaron and Scott, and our father

Israel being Grandma Nita’s cane. He’s a great companion

We also do realize that we really underestimated what kind of time we really would need while here to regroup, reorganize and take care of a plethora of things that are necessary for our next phase. But, thankfully, God knew we needed more time, and He is not in any rush. So He has provided more time.

So… what are we doing while we “wait”? Well, besides all the “normal” stuff of managing our household, reorganizing our homeschool and beginning a new school year, we have also done the legwork of getting everything together for our visa applications, gone through the application process with a mission agency (more about that later), building relationships with current and potential ministry partners, working on getting a mailer out, strategizing about our next step, managing our ministry in Brazil, and… spending time with the family here! That has been a major highlight and we are trying to really soak up all we can!

My aunts Kathy and Sue and my Grandma Nita, age 91

Israel and Great-Grandma Nita

Our six with Great-Grandma Nita

Special Day with Grandma Nita