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Fall is Fabulous

Fall is my favorite season! I just love the leaves, the crisp clean air, everything about it! I generally just try not to think about the fact that fall brings winter on…. but this year I don’t even have to worry about that since we get to miss out on winter too! I can just enjoy the fall and know that after it is over, we get summer again, in Brazil!

This little man is growing up so fast! I have held a few newborns in the last few days and all of a sudden my “baby” seems so BIG to me!

So, I am constantly encouraging the kids to get outside and play in the leaves. Pile them, jump in them, throw them around, rake them. It is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time too. 😉

Another great thing about fall is that it brings Dominique’s birthday! This little lady turned FIVE years old in October! She is really growing up – and learned to ride a bike this week with no training wheels!!

We got to take another day at the zoo too, now that we finally got some decent weather, with the cousins this time.

Here is our princess on her wheels.

They really do love each other. Most of the time. Really.

This picture is SO Israel! I love this little man!

A ray of sunshine…

It is SO not easy to get Johann to LOOK at the camera long enough to push the button, let alone SMILE, so this picture is priceless to me. 🙂

And here is my big man. He has worked with Daddy two days lately! I am so proud of the young man he is turning into.

We have been busy, busy, busy with preparations for Brazil. Pray for us as you think of us, please!