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Experiencing 1755

We got a fabulous invitation from some fabulous friends, Warren and Jill Watterson, to accompany them to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon, which I had never heard of even though it has apparently been going on annually for 50 years! It is a reenactment of sorts of the time period of the French and Indian War, and the place it is held is a historic trading post where some of the action took place way back then. And, as it would be, we “just happened” to be studying exactly that time period of American history in our homeschool! Amazing homeschool experience! We just loved our time with Warren and Jill, and the Feast was filled with all kinds of adventures in hands-on history.

Incidentally, for anyone who happens to be interested in history, or is studying that time period in homeschool, I just have to recommend an amazing resource I just finished reading with the kids called The Bulletproof George Washingtonby David Barton. Amazing!