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Dominique Turns Six and Kid’s Club Update

We have SO much to post lately that it seems an overwhelming task to even know where to begin, especially having to upload pictures…. 🙂 So, I decided to just jump in and post something, and hopefully in the next few days I will post more so you can see what we have been up to lately.

On the family news front, Dominique celebrated her sixth birthday on October 29th (wow, already a month ago and I am JUST now posting this! How sad!) Anyway, we had a little celebration just with us and set up the automatic timer to take our first WHOLE family picture in a while. 🙂
Just the kids, and the cake. Dominique requested strawberries and kiwi on her cake. 🙂 My little six year old princess is such a little blessing – it is a joy to see her grow! She is so helpful around the house and becoming more and more attentive to things that need to be done. How nice to come downstairs and find her having taken initiative to sweep the floor or do the dishes! She is learning well in school and enjoys mothering our pet duck. All she wants for her birthday and Christmas next year is a little sister, and she prays to this end daily. 🙂
And a few more pictures from recent kid’s clubs. We have continued to host a club for the neighborhood children weekly in our carport. We generally have 10-15 each week, besides our own four, and it is not always the same ones, so there are probably around 25 that have participated at some time. We continue to share God’s love and His Word, and we are building relationships with the regulars. We have really seen them change in the way they relate to us over the past couple of months. They are opening up!
Above, Pastor Jim Epley who is staying with us right now sharing with the kids.
Fabio teaching the Bible and illustrating on butcher paper on the ground as he teaches. He is such a talented cartoonist- it really keeps the kids’ attention!
Having a race afterward, in the middle of the road! One of the FEW asphalt roads in our town! Thank you, Jesus!
This was at the house of a friend from church – having a Brazilian BBQ. No hamburgers and hotdogs for Brazilians! It is sausage and steak. Strictly! 🙂 This was one of the very few social events we had been to this year. It was nice to be among friends.
Coming soon: pictures of our visit with our pastors, Dave and John, our Thanksgiving outreach, the Group Home for teenagers and more! Stay tuned! 🙂