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Deja Vu

Well, good morning faithful readers!

Last night was a major deja vu of the night before Dominique was born. I felt exactly the same ~ lethargic, like I could barely move ~ and so I did the same last night as I did on Oct 28, 2002: I took a long soaking bath and went to bed *early*. On both occasions, I was having some contractions, but nothing too major, and they continued through the night. I slept through a lot of it, though, just waking up occasionally with a big one. Every time I woke up, I kept praying that this would PLEASE be *it*! I kept praying “Please let it be it!” and from there I got the hippie song “Let it be” stuck in my head and kept singing it through the night. hehe.

But…. the deja vu ends there! With Dominique, I woke the next morning around 4am and couldnt sleep anymore because of the ctx, and she was born at 1:40 that afternoon. This time, however, I woke up ravenously hungry at 5am, and ate a whole bunch of stuff. I was still having some contractions, but not real strong ones. Now, I haven’t had anything for nearly half an hour…. 🙁 So, we’ll see. Fabio went ahead to work. I still think this *might* be the beginning of the end, but I can’t be too sure yet. I think after our baths/ showers and stuff, we might take a walk around the block and see what that does for us….

I’ll let you know if anything changes!!