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Cousin Fun

Here are a few pictures I took the other day at my brother’s house, of his four children and our three. It is so fun that the children have cousins so close in age – they totally have a blast together!

The youngest of the grandchildren – until September! Isn’t she a doll?

And again I embarked on the adventure of trying to get a decent picture of these two little curlies together!

While not exactly what I was looking for, I thought this one was hilarious!

Moriah: Wow, he’s got some serious cheeks!
Israel: What does she think she’s staring at??

This is a little more like it! So tweet!

Amanda came over to help me get their attention!

On another note, as an update to the below post about the pond, our tadpoles seem to be thriving on occasional handfuls of spinach! Today we noticed that some of them are growing little tiny back legs on the sides of their tails! I don’t think I have ever personally been able to witness a tadpole metamorphosis, so I think I am enjoying it as much as the children! 🙂

Also, I was just noticing how TIME FLIES!!! When I put up my little baby count-down ticker, I think I had about 240 days to go…..seemed like forever. Then I remember the day I looked and there were only 200 to go! I remember thinking about how fast those 40 days had gone! Then, just a few short days later it seems, I looked today, and we are almost down to 100. From 200 to 100 in just the wink of an eye!!!! Wow. I can’t believe it! So, anyway, today is 25 weeks and we are doing well. I can tell baby is definitely growing, as movements have been much more dramatic the past couple of weeks and starting to get somewhat uncomfortable, but I never get tired of feeling baby move. 🙂 I’m sure that is my favorite part of being pregnant. And I am getting really excited to meet this little one! This morning we took a meal to a family in our church who just had a new baby and holding her made me even more excited!!! Ahhhhh, soon. 🙂