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Christmas Smattering

Well, I have SO many pictures from Christmas and so little time to blog them all, that I am just doing a quick smattering, all out of order and with only brief captions. 🙂 Hopefully now that the holiday joy is behind us I’ll get back in my groove again, including blogging. 🙂

This was playing “Guesstures” at our house on Christmas Day.

Sweet little fiesty Moriah. 🙂

The Zajac family joined us for Christmas as well and Jonny played a little guitar for us. 🙂

Opening gifts:

Christmas morning with the kids:

Me and my big brudders:

Before Christmas, making cut-out cookies with the kids:

Visiting with my Grandma Jean and all of my mom’s side of the family the weekend before Christmas:

Visiting with my Grandma Nita and my dad’s side of the family also the weekend before Christmas:

This is Grandma Nita with twelve of her seventeen (?) great-grandchildren!

We drove to Grandma Nita’s in the middle of the worst ice storm I ever remember seeing! Here is the outside of Grandma’s house, with the ice-laden trees hanging down over the driveway. The ice was so heavy on the trees that tons of huge branches and limbs fell all over the place and the men spent the afternoon getting them cleaned up.

Some of the boys ready to eat our huge big yummy meal at Grandma Nitas:

Grandma Nita and Elizabeth (and Johann!)

Somewhere in the holiday bustle, Johann turned 3 months old and I stuck him in that wooden bowl again to get some pics. 🙂

Yes, he is outgrowing the bowl! 🙂

The quilt underneath is special because Grandma Jean made it.

And these almost last pictures are actually from the event that took place first! Mom had a Christmas craft/ project day for the grandkids that was a lot of fun! They dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate and sprinkles, watched a Christmas video, and decorated wreaths with their mamas.

Mom also had some “gifts” for them to open: dress up clothes for the girls and k’nex for the boys, to keep at her house for them to play with.

The finished wreaths:

Fabio and I at his company Christmas dinner – which currently consist of him and his boss! hehe. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse. 🙂

And lastly, another sister-in-law picture! Suzy hostessed a Christmas dinner at her church that she invited us to attend and it was a lot of fun! 🙂