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Christmas Evening at Mom’s House

We spent yesterday evening at Mom’s celebrating Christmas there with the fam. Here is the best picture I have gotten yet with all eleven grandchildren in it. Grandma Carol got them all pajamas, so they all put them on for the picture! I only realized now that I don’t have a single picture with Grandma Carol in it! There is always so much activity when we all get together that I don’t always think things through until after its already over! Next time….

The cousins drew names, and Jessica sewed this skirt for Dominique all by herself! Dominique *loves* it!

Some of the boys tooting their own horns.

They continued to toot all the rest of the evening, so we sent them to the basement to toot away down there!

Suzy was a busy beaver and made a bunch of homemade jelly and cappuccino mix!

Joshua got some coffee can stilts that he has been enjoying all day long!

Aaron made Scott a gilly suit so he could go hunting in style – sniper style, that is! Lots of hours went into this gift!

Aaron demonstrating the proper usage of it.

They went all out and made gilly suits for Dillon and Gabriel too, so they can go hunting with daddy, sniper style!

Gabe is too cute!

Joshua got A.J.’s name and made him a card to go with the gift.

Suzy made Amanda the same style skirt that Jessica made for Dominique. Too cool!

Lovebirds forever.

Aaron got a puppy for Christmas, and so did Scott’s family, so they both brought their new dogs to meet the family. I forgot to get a pic of Scott’s, but they are both adorable! This is Moxy.