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Celebrating Vovô’s 74th Birthday!

 It was a blessing that our seminar and ministry schedule took us to São Paulo the week of my father-in-law’s 74th birthday so that we were able to take him out to celebrate!

We took him to a Japanese restaurant along with Fabio’s brother and his family. It was delish!!  After the restaurant, we went back to their apartment to cut the cake, and of course we could not celebrate his birthday without including ALL of his children and grandchildren, so we skyped with Fabio’s sister Luciana in the USA with her little chunky darling Benjamin, so they could sing “Parabens” (Happy Birthday) with us! You can see my mother-in-law drooling over Benjamin in the pictures below. 🙂

 And one pic from the following day: Me at 20wks and Kamila (cousin’s wife) at 22 weeks! Love having belly buddies! 🙂