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Due to the nature of our work and to keep the privacy of people’s stories, we have not been posting newsletters on this page. If you would like to become a monthly partner or join our intercession team, please contact us! We want to get to know you and we would also love to send our monthly newsletter to your email.

Cheery Hellos

Well, needless to say, the sadness of leaving Brazil was softened by the joy of being reunited with my side of the family for the first time in five years!

The cheapest tickets Fabio could find to get us to the US was to land in Miami. So that was what we did. We were able to spend three nights as a family – a sort of debriefing – before continuing our journey north, and still came out thousands of dollars ahead as compared with having landed directly in Chicago! This was a very necessary time for us as a family to just “BE”, as we were pretty “peopled out”.  And then, in His goodness, God provided un unexplainable deal on a 12 passenger van for us to drive north in. Even the people at the rental place were surprised at the rate we had found online!

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Teary Goodbyes PART TWO

And so it was that we left our home of seven years in Camboriú. It was most of what our children have known of their childhood! Joshua was only seven when we arrived, and has some recollections of when we lived in America, but the others have barely any. Brazil has been their home… something I didn’t imagine would happen when we first went. Usually it’s a good thing that we don’t know in advance all God has in store for us. And always it’s a VERY good thing that we can trust Him with our futures!

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Teary Goodbyes PART ONE

It has been about two months since we sold my computer monitor and I have thus felt like a good portion of my brain has been missing. Amazing how dependent we are on technology these days!

Well, it wasn’t ONLY because I didn’t have access to my computer…. The move was a VERY intense time for our family. It is not a simple task to liquidate every. last. belonging…. for a family of eight, in two months time. And not completely neglect said family of eight in the process. Too much.

I won’t describe the process in detail, but will instead leave the hairy-ness to your imaginations. smile.

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