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Bye-bye fingers!

Here is a very characteristic picture of Dominique. Anyone who has seen her from about two months of age on has surely seen her like this, with her two middle fingers of her right hand in her mouth!

(December 2006)

I went into the archives a bit and found a few other finger-sucking pictures.

Here she is sucking her fingers in April of 2006.

Sucking her fingers with Daddy. And Uncle Scott and Gabriel. (April 2006)

Sucking her fingers with Mommy.

(Oct 2006)

Sucking her fingers in

Mexico with Grandpa.

(Oct 2006)

Sucking her fingers at the zoo with Joshua.

(Oct 2006)

Sucking her fingers in Brazil with Henrique and Israel.

(April 2007)

Sucking her fingers in the ergo.

(April 2007)

Well, I had begun to think about how to break her of this habit, but hadn’t really tackled it yet. I actually thought it was kind of cute. But I also have a friend who sucked the very same two fingers…. until she was 11, and I thought that at age 11 it might not be so cute! 😉

Well, the problem worked itself out without any help from me! Poor Dominique got one of her “sucking fingers” smashed about a week and a half ago, and hasn’t sucked on them since! Now, while I wouldn’t recommend this approach for any of you out there struggling with thumb or finger suckers, it will be nice if this breaks the addiction for Dominique once and for all. As long as she had to smash a finger, I’m glad it happened to be this one! The nail got half yanked off in the smashing process, so now at 1.5 wks later, it is still sore and dangling, so it will be a while before it is back to normal. I will keep you posted, but I have a strong feeling that by the time her finger heals up, she will have successfully kicked the habit and won’t go back to it. Here’s hoping!