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Brazil…. here we come!

Well……… this is not news to all of you, but probably for many of you! We are going to Brazil!

Hmmm…. where to begin and still keep this brief?

We have been praying for well over a year about where the Lord wants us to be. We have felt Him “shaking” things up in our lives and in our hearts, and we believed that it was nearing the time for us to move on.

Over the past more-than-a-year, we have prayed and waited and sought counsel and prayed some more, done much seeking and knocking, and more waiting and praying…. and at last we have become convinced that the Lord is leading us to a season in Brazil.

At this point, we are planning to leave around the last of November or first of December, and for now we are planning to spend about five or six months — to “spy out” the land (like Caleb and Joshua) and bring back a report. 🙂 We are in faith that the Lord has already gone before us, preparing the way, and that this time will be a fruitful one.

And what will we do after that? Frankly, we are not sure. There are several possibilities, but nothing definite yet. We have been talking with our church leaders and making some contacts in Brazil, which we will be able to do better once we are there. But even though we don’t know all of the specifics, we are sure that the Lord is leading and that HE knows!

It has not been an easy decision for us to come to. Besides the fact that we have four small children, we also have an extremely comfortable life in the USA. The only thing we have never had much of is money (lol), but here it is just pretty easy to have plenty of “stuff”, and live very well, besides our family, church family and friends, and all of the other connections that make this a wonderful place to live…..

But ultimately, we want more than anything else to be where the Lord wants us to be, and we are excited about what He may do in our future! Please pray with us and for us as we finalize the preparations for our trip.

Updates to come…..