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Well, a few weeks ago, we went bowling. 🙂 This is the first chance I’ve gotten to post about it, but anyway, it was fun! It was the first time we had been since our honeymoon, and hence, the first time the children had been. They earned free passes from the library’s summer reading program, so we decided to go while we had that going for us. Still, it is an expensive sport for a whole family!
We had Sofia with us this night, and they all had a blast!

Unfortunately, bowling alley lighting does not agree with my camera very well. Or, maybe I just don’t know how to do it right, but anyway, I tried! Here is Sofi.

Israel didnt get in on the action this time, but he did enjoy watching. 🙂
For a little while, then he pooped out and slept through most of it, even with Fabio and I switching him back and forth in our arms to take our turns!

The children getting a tutorial from Daddy.

Trying hard to push the ball! It still took about five minutes for it to get to the pins!

The nice thing about modern technology in bowling, though, is that when you type your names in the electronic scoreboard, you can check for each person whether you want bumpers or not. So, when it was each of the children’s turns, the bumpers automatically came up, and then automatically went down for Fabio and I. So, at least Dominique’s balls did eventually reach the pins!

I can’t say so much for Fabio and I! I think we should have left the bumpers up for us too!

Dominique receiving her congratulations from Daddy

Ready, set, go!

He’s got his game face on here, expectantly watching to see how many he knocked down!

And a BIG high fiver from Daddy!!!!

I thought I would add in here some of the “darndest” things that Dominique has been saying. 🙂 She has been really talking up a storm lately and it is fun to see her putting ideas into expression and to find out what is going on in that little mind.

A couple days ago, she said to all of us in the car: “I’m so sad.” We asked “why?” and she replied with a mournful face, “Cuz I not have *any* childrens…”

Then the other day when my mom and niece were over, they commented that something was stinking outside and Dominique quickly said, “Someone died.”

I know there are fifty more from this week alone, but I’m drawing a blank now. I’ll try to think of some others and make a note of them before I forget them too!