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Bike Riding and Flower Smelling :)

Joshua all ready for a bike ride! He loves this helmet and these sunglasses….. Fabio thinks the combination of them makes him look like an alien, lol!

Dominique has sunglasses, too! At least until this pair breaks. Sunglasses for little ones just dont seem to last long around here for some reason. 😉

A few weeks ago, I was THRILLED to find this wagon at a garage sale to pull the kids behind my bike! Now we can go garage saling again and to the library and all the other fun places we went last year. (I dont know if you remember the pic from last March or so of me on the bike with Dominique strapped to my front and Joshua on the back? Well, I cant do that anymore, so we were out of the bike business for a while. 🙂

Anyway, I didnt know it until today, but Fabio hooked up the wagon to Joshua’s bike and I thought it was hilarious to see him pulling her around the parking lot!

Oh, and we have also taken some short-distance bike rides with Joshua on *his* bike, too! Just cant get far that way. By next year, we might, though.

This is at my Grandpa’s house in the boondocks. The kids love to be outside, that’s for sure!

Joshua was having Dominique smell this flower. 🙂 It was from a butterfly bush. I dont know if that is the real name or not, but it attracts butterflies for some reason, so it was *full* of all kinds of butterflies the whole time! Too cool!

Hmmm…. other news? I am nearly 26 wks pregnant now and headed quickly for the third trimester! Woo hoo! Everything is going great and I feel wonderful. Baby moves a lot, but seems more tranquil than the other two did. Smaller baby? Calm baby? Both? Neither? It will be interesting to find out…..

Fabio got rained out two days this week, which is unusual. They usually wait out the rain or find something else to do, but this rain was BAD! Or good, depending on how you look at it. But there was a LOT of it, that’s for sure! It was good timing for him to come home, because we all had colds these last three days. We are all over the worst of it now, thanks to lots of raw garlic, raw honey, echinacea, Vitamin C, eucalyptis essential oil, R&R, and prayer. 🙂

This morning was the Bible study with the hispanic ladies and I am thrilled that they have both decided to be baptised!! The date is set for September 17. It has been a true joy to see what God has been doing in their lives over the past year.

Better go now. Dominique sounds like she’s getting into something and I want to wake Joshua up so he will sleep tonight. Tempting to let him sleep now, though! hehe.

The End.