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Back on the Ball???

Hello all! It has been an eventful week, that is for sure! I was really feeling like I was finally getting back on the ball with things, when we got waylaid with sickness… ugh. In the meantime, I took Israel in for a check-up to Dr. Pareja, the doctor that I used to work for! I really loved that job and it was so good to see him again. He is a good, kind doctor. Israel didnt like being poked at very much, but the doctor said he looks like a very healthy three month old! LOL

Here I finally got a pic of him holding his head up! And another of him sneezing. 🙂 Sorry I wasnt quite able to format this post well. The computer is doing funny things. The one of him and Joshua was so sweet ~ Joshua said they were the “boys club”. 🙂

I have also gotten in touch with some old friends lately, which has been great! Here I am with friends Eden and Danielle. I hadn’t seen Eden for about nine years!! I have known both of them since I was born.

These four beautiful children belong to Danielle.

And here I am with Jessica and Becky. I hadn’t seen Jessica for many years, too, and Becky is a more “recent” friend, although our history goes back a little ways. 😉

This is Israel with Elise, Becky’s baby. She is exactly two weeks older than him, and they are both big! She was 10lbs13oz at birth, just one ounce bigger than Israel! It was fun to get them together.

Here are my three little munchkins and Becky’s three. We each have two boys and a girl.

I think we are mostly over the sickies now. Joshua first started with a cold, and then Dominique got the stomach flu, then a cold, then Israel got congested, then I got the flu, and then Joshua got the flu! Ugh. Fabio has been fine so far, thankfully. Talk about incentive to get back to green smoothies and juicing and cod liver oil! One of these days we will be back in our little groove. 🙂 I have felt like such a couch potato lately. We had been watching a lot more movies since the baby was born, and this week just as I was ready to quit, we had sickness to deal with and ended up hanging out back on the couch! This week is the yearly week of prayer and fasting at church, and since the kids and I cant fast food right now, I think it is a good idea to fast movies!

Oh, and speaking of weird things our computer is doing, I cant get into my hotmail account at all, or several other sites that require passwords! Really weird and extremely frustrating, but anyway, if you try to emial me, I wont respond. 😉

More later!