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Baby Moriah

I’m a little behind since my sweet new niece Moriah was born 4 wks ago today, but I have a lot more to blog about than I have time to blog, if ya know what I mean! Anyway, welcome to the world and to the family little one!

This is my brother Scott, his wife Amanda, and their four little ones: Dillon 6, Cheyenne 4, Gabriel 2, and Moriah Sage at about a week old.

Auntie Friz meets Baby Moriah! What a tiny sweet little peanut!
And Israel looks like a big lug next to her! They are almost exactly four months apart, just like Dominique and Gabriel!

Joshua getting acquainted with his newest cousin. He loves babies, and always likes to add that he especially likes baby girls! LOL

We love you, baby Moriah!
Today Israel turned five months old, and I also received in the mail the cd of the pics we took in Brazil that somehow didn’t make it home with us, so I have a lot of posting to do. Keep checking back! I’ll try to get go on a posting binge and get it all up in the next few days. 🙂