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Avianna Marie and Her Siblings

I’m an auntie again! Here is my oldest brother Scott with his brand newest baby girl, Avianna Marie. She was born last Saturday afternoon and I was privileged to be at her birth. 🙂 She weighed 10lbs even, and was 21 inches long.

She looks so much like Cheyenne when she was born!

Yesterday I had the privilege of having the other four children at my house so their mama could rest up a bit. 🙂

We had a blast!

The kids played so well together, and it was nice that it was nice enough to play outside for a good while.

I just had to keep counting heads up to seven to make sure I didnt lose anyone!

Fabio put this chalkboard on the garage wall last Saturday – it was perfect!

Israel in the playhouse.

They all just ran from one activity to the other the whole time- what a lot of energy!

Cheyenne -6yo

Moriah – almost 2yo and not the baby anymore! And Dominique, whose bangs are trying to grow….

Moriah and Johann

Dillon and Joshua – they got along so well and played lots of games together. How fun!

Gabe was too fun to take pictures of!

Dillon is so tall. I can’t believe he’s going to be 9 soon!

Moriah – what a sweetie!

Gabe and Israel. These two guys remind me so much of each other!
Cheyenne and Dominique – love to play dress-up and get along so well!

Mealtimes were fun! We had, altogether:
an 8yo
2 6yo’s
2 4yo’s
2 2yo’s
a 6mo


Gabe said he wanted to sing us a song: