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An Afternooon of Fishing

A couple of weekends ago, we traveled to São Paulo to do a seminar at a church there on a Friday and a Saturday. The pastor then asked if we would consider staying longer so Fabio could preach at his church on Sunday, and we accepted. 

 In Brazil, most church services are on Sunday evening, so we had Sunday during the day free. The pastor and some other people from the church took us out of town to a little fishing pond to spend the afternoon.  The kids were thrilled, and it was wonderful for them to have space to run and play! They really are troopers, but after being nine hours in the car traveling on Thrusday, four hours traveling on Friday, plus about eight hours of seminar between Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon during which they had to sit and do quiet activities, it was just what they needed. It was what we ALL needed, really! 
We had been fishing before, long, long ago, but I didn’t realize that none of the kids had ever caught a fish!! To their great delight, all three of the boys caught a fish, and Dominique was not too disappointed not to have caught one. 🙂  Johann was moaning from the time we were still on the way to the pond that he just KNEW he wasn’t going to catch anything, so imagine his delight when he actually did  – two actually!!
Here are some pictures of our day, and at the bottom you will see Israel rather close to some cranes. They hang around the fishers, waiting for someone to throw them something. Which many did. Too cool!