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Afternoon Outside with the Littles

These pics were from about a month or so ago. Fabio was painting the ceiling in our living room/kitchen and also employing the help of the three olders to get it done faster. The problem was the two littles…. there was no good place for them to hang out, so I took them outside. I have to admit that I just don’t get outside as much as I wish I did. It seems like there is always SO much I have to get done *inside*, that it is hard for me to just SIT and watch them play

and/or do some activity with them out there. So, this was a good “excuse” to get out of the house, since I couldn’t do much in there either with drop cloths and all sorts of mess everywhere! I grabbed my camera and took some pics of them …. just enjoying being 2 and 5 years old. The wonderment of finding a very fascinating bug to observe kept them busy for a good chunk of time, Johann wanting to show me his cool ninja moves on the trampoline, Olivia so proud of being “TWO”,  the simple joy of a swing, and of course just a little typical brother torment of trying to scare the sister with the bug! I can’t believe how much I thoroughly enjoyed the simple pleasures of just watching them live this beautiful afternoon: