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Active, active, active….

Here is a smattering of summer pics that I hadnt gotten around to posting anywhere else:

Another trip to the beach, with Daddy!

Israel kept looking down, because of the sun, so I was raising my arms to try to get him to look up at me, but he thought I wanted him to raise his arms too!

Our big six year old!

Israel is mostly content to just play in the sand!

Dominique and Gabriel swimming at Auntie Suzy’s house:

The rest of us swimming at Auntie Suzy’s house:

It was a HOT day and so it was really fun!

Israel is not crazy about the water, though! I made him stay in for a while, and again a few days later when we went to a pool here in town, but he was not thrilled either time…. Hope he gets used to it – and even learns to enjoy it!

And another beach trip, this time with my mom and Suzy and the kids:

A whale was spotted on the beach!

I dont know if it is the heat, our activity level, or just the pregnancy, but I have been pretty tired lately and my body seems to be requiring more naps than I would prefer…
Other than that, baby and I are fine, though! Nesting instinct had kicked in, so in all of my “spare time”, I have been trying to go through closets and organize stuff, etc…

This was blueberry picking, with the cousins and Grandma:

We went again yesterday, just the kids and I this time. At one point I looked down at Israel and thought he was bleeding out of his ear! All of the inside of his ear was bright red, and some outside his ear too – it was rather alarming! Upon further investigation, it was discovered that he had merely had the bright idea of smashing a ripe blueberry into his ear! Where do they come up with these things???

And a day at the park. This is Israel’s “cheese” face:

Israel just LOVED sitting on this horsey! I kept asking him if he wanted to get down, and he kept wanting to stay!

This was before Mercedes left. She had to go on Thursday morning, and it was a teary farewell!!

I had a hard time calming down the two older ones all that morning…. and still now, two days later, Dominique keeps telling me she wants to go to Spain, and how much she misses Mercedes, etc.

So if you are reading this, Mercedes, we miss you!!!