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A Visit to Grandma Nita’s

These pictures are from our visit to my Grandma Nita’s house, my dad’s mother.

Dominique, Levi and A.J.

Grandma Nita and Mr. Moon, her husband of five years.

Grandma Nita and my cousin Daniel

Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy (my dad’s brother)

My brother Aaron, wife Suzy, Jessica, A.J., Colton and Levi

Jessica with Brian and Shasta’s little kitty

Enjoying gabbing. 🙂

Our friend Oscar was in from Ecuador with his newly wedded wife Lori. It was nice to see them and get to visit a little bit!

The best I could hope for in a picture of the three of them by Grandma’s tree.

Jessica outgrew Grandma Nita, and it only took her eleven years! (It took me 13, and we have a similar pic of me back to back with Grandma at that point.)

A less than ideal family picture, but at least we are all present. 😉

Israel at the four generation table. This was Grandma Nita’s when she was little. Later her children sat at it, then her grandchildren, and now her great-grandchildren!

So there!