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A Smattering of Recent Pics

I have had a lot to post, but not much time to post it lately! I guess we’ve been busy making the memories to take pictures of, to post. 🙂
So, here are some recent pics of various things we’ve been up to. We will be leaving in the morning for our first family vacation, to Kansas City, so we are excited about that… and I wont be posting for a week. I’ll keep ya posted when we get back!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I just waited *forever* for the first five pics to upload, and in the end I got an error message! Ugh. I was planning to post a whole bunch of pics tonight, but it doesnt look like it’s gonna happen. I hate when stuff doesnt work right!

Well, I guess I will give you a little written update since I’m here, even though that’s not as interesting! 🙂

Starting last week, things have been BUSY! We have spent a day at the dunes, a day blueberry picking, two days having a garage sale, and we had two tiny parties for Joshua. This week was busy with getting ready for our trip, and Bible study at my house as usual this morning.

Joshua is SO excited to be FOUR years old! He has been telling everyone he sees! He is also excited with his decision to use his birthday money to buy a swimming pool! It is one of those three feet deep, 10 feet across types, so it is nice that it is big enough for an adult to get in and cool off too!

Dominique is turning into quite my little lady! Where did my baby go? She is little miss independent now, except for days like today when I really need to get a bunch of stuff done… then she is super-clingy, of course. But I am thankful that she always sleeps well at night and lets me do the same ~ when I was pregnant with her, Joshua often got me up at night, so now I appreciate it even more!

Well, it’s tired and I’m late, so I better be wrapping this up so I can get some rest! If you are wondering why we chose Kansas City for our vacation destiny, I’ll tell you! 🙂 There are three reasons, really. 1) IHOP is there ~ International House of Prayer, that is, NOT the pancake place! We plan to spend some time there where they have 24 hr prayer, 7 days a week. I am really looking forward to that kind of haven. 2) Claudio Freidzon, a pastor from Argentina who was very instrumental in the Argentina revival a few years back, will be in KC for a 4 day conference. So, we plan to go to that too. 🙂 We saw him in Chicago 2 years ago and it was so good. We have been blessed by his ministry through videos, tapes, and books and are looking forward to seeing him again. 3) I was recently given a biography of a German Jew, born in 1915, who escaped to the US during the holocaust. In the US, he met the Lord, and later ended up going to Japan as a missionary for 28 years. He now resides in KC! We thoroughly enjoyed his story and were very encouraged by his testimony and passion for souls. We have contacted him by phone and mail and we will be staying in his house! He is now 91 years old. We are very much looking forward to that too.

So, that’s all folks! See ya when we get back!