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A Seed Planted

This is a picture of me and my previous neighbor, Sherry. She came to visit me a couple weeks ago and we had a great visit. I was *thrilled* to find out that she has become a Christian!!! Since I was a child when we were neighbors (I used to be her babysitter!), I never knew a lot of things about her life, so she told me her whole testimony and God has done great things in her. It was really encouraging to hear about.
One part of her testimony was about “an 11 year old little neighbor girl” who showed up at her door step one day with a King James Bible, gave it to her and told her to start reading in the book of John! (It was me.) Now, I must truthfully say that I have absolutely no recollection of having done this, but she said that I wrote in the front cover of the Bible a little message to her, so it must have been me…
Anyway, this was really encouraging lesson to me. Almost every day, every where we go, with everyone we see, we plant seeds. Our words are seeds. Are they good ones or bad? Are they more likely to attract people to Jesus, or repel them from Him?
Keep planting the good seed of the Word of God everywhere you go! You never know what fruit it may bear, even ten or twenty years down the road! I feel very privileged to have gotten to know about this particular “fruit”, but much we may never see. Still, keep planting in faith! His Word will not return void, but will accomplish the work which it was set out to do.