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A Manly Day

Well, I havent posted for a while and now I cant connect the camera to the computer to post the most recent of Israel, but here are some great shots from Dec 16th. I was going to post them the following day, but I was busy. 😉 (Israel was being born.)

Anyway, this day Fabio and my brother Scott took their sons and my brother Aaron’s sons out for a day of manly activities. 🙂 They had a blast! They shot bb guns and 22’s, chopped down trees with an axe and built a fort. They spent the day “roughing it” and learning how to be men.

Us ladies and little ones hung back at the house and did a bit of shopping in the meantime. We had a great time, but after seeing the pictures, almost makes me wish we had been out there too! Doesn’t this look like fun?!

And a pretty cool fort too, eh?

I’ll post again soon with recent pics of our recent addition. 🙂 Until then………