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A few videos

“Sou Feliz” – Dominique’s current favorite song, about how Jesus makes her happy! (in Portuguese)

Next is Israel talking, also in Portuguese. He likes to respond “ME!” to any question that begins with “Who…?” like “Who likes to eat?” or “Who loves God?” He calls Joshua “WAWA” and Dominique “MIMI”, which I also captured here, and his affirmative answer, as in “yes”, is something like “WA!” Not sure where he got that, but I was just asking him questions to get him to answer “WA!” because it’s so stinkin’ cute. 😉

And then one of Joshua’s soccer games. He did get a couple of good kicks in during this session, so I’m glad we captured that! He enjoys playing, but most of the time doesn’t really get “into” the game very much. He seems to get more excited about things like building robots… more on that in a future post! 🙂