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More Summer FUN

YAY! Joshua is finally feeling back to normal! The dark circles under his eyes are gone and he seems to have regained the weight he lost while he was sick. Now hopefully we can enjoy the rest of the summer. 🙂

The rule seems to be that I have to take about 25 shots in order to get ONE worth keeping! Here is Dominique sitting in a tree and this is the shot I loved! It shows her personality so well. 🙂

Here are a couple of others that I liked too.

I finally got Israel to sit still long enough to get him to smile for a picture! This hat was Joshua’s when he was a baby and it is still a little big on him, but served the purpose of keeping the sun out of his eyes!

He loves to be outside now that he got used to the feel of grass. He is so used to it that he now enjoys eating it and has nearly choked on it several times. :-/ It has also been seen in his diaper, TMI, I know! 😕

Here he was about to fall asleep!

Who can resist these cheeks ~ even when he’s crying! I just kiss them all day long. 🙂

And then the comedy act of trying to get a decent sibling shot! It does feel like a hopeless cause at these ages, I tell ya. They are often funny, though, even if not exactly what I was hoping for.
I did get a few acceptable ones, at long last
I love Israel’s mouth. This is so typical of him!

This one just makes me laugh ~ Dominique pulling on Lincoln’s neck to get him to look at the camera! He has learned to take a lot in stride, but just after I snapped this one, she took it a little too far and he started crying….

Friday night I babysat for my brother’s four lovely children and we had a great time! They had watched our two older ones the week before so we could have a date night, so it was our turn to return the favor! It was nice to get some time with my neice and nephews, because when we get together with the whole family, the adults are busy talking and I’m busy keeping track of my own kids and I dont always get a lot of chance to interact a lot with my neices and nephews. So, it was fun!

After a pizza picnic in the yard, all eight of us took a bike ride to the park! Then, back to the house for ice cream, playing with bunny, legos, books and before we knew it, their mama and daddy were back already…

Lastly, some specimens for our nature notebook: a lightning bug.

Things we collected on Friday: 17 year cicada wings (see the “W” mark on them?), a robin egg (spotted by my nephew Colton), and a bird feather.

We tried to put out pool up yesterday, but there must be a hole in the ring! Ugh. Not sure what we’re going to do about that….
More pics to come of the splash pad we visited with the Hamstras the other day!