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Joshua has really taken off with reading in the past few months and we are really proud of him. 🙂

About a month or two ago, my sil Amanda gave us “Curious George Learns the Alphabet” and it is a pretty neat book. 🙂 That was the first we had ever read of Curious George. Well, the other day I found “The Complete Adventures of Curious George” at a thrift shop, so I picked it up. I showed it to Joshua as soon as we got to the car, and he immediately started in reading it. We went to get groceries next, and he took the (rather large) book along, reading it while walking all through the store, and continued this way all day long until he had finished the whole thing – all 400 pages of it! And he has continued to enjoy it all this week, again and again….

Well, anyway, the day we got it, I decided to video him a bit reading it, so here is the video. I was mostly surprised with the intonation and such that he read with. We have *very* briefly touched on different forms of punctuation, like commas and quotation marks and such, but nothing in depth. But, he seemed to know just how to read it, with so much emotion! It was cute to see him so enthralled in something like this!