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4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July, starting off in Homewood for the parade with my mom. The kids sure loved that! We weren’t able to meet up with my brother and his family, as planned, but we did “run into” Wally and Selma from our church and hung out with them for the parade. 🙂

They collected WAY too much candy!

Joshua and Grandma Carol

After the parade, we did meet up with my brother and his family and some friends at a park where they were having some “family fun” times. 🙂 Joshua had his very first experience with a teeter-totter! I have always loved those and most parks dont have them anymore….
Anyway, here he is with his cousin Cheyenne.

I was excited to get to see our friends new little baby for the first time, Isabella Ann. What a darling!!! She is just not quite 3 weeks old here.

After the parade, we went back to the house and took naps, then headed to Beecher, our old stompin’ grounds, for the carnival there and fireworks.

The kids loved the carousel ride, and let me tell ya, these horses could gallop!! I was quite dizzy! I had never seen such a fast merry-go-round!

Unfortunately, none of my pics of the fireworks turned out either, but the kids were quite mezmerized by them!!! It was a lot of fun, except for the drive home ~ by then they were done for and it was… um… well, let’s just say WAY past time for bed!!!
The 4th of July is also my dad’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Dad! We didnt get to spend it with him, but at least he got to spend it with my brother in San Diego. They had a nice time, I hear.