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Well, now that I am getting the hang of this blogging thing, I am going to try to keep updates here of what is going on with our family.

This week is the week of prayer and fasting for our church. I was trying to think of a meaningful way to participate, while having small children, breastfeeding, and for Fabio while he does hard physical labor. We decided to do a couple days of eating only rice and beans, three meals a day. So that is what we did today, with only water inbetween meals. It was a good time. I think it was good for Joshua, if nothing else, to learn to not be picky about what he wants to eat. We also talked about other people in the world who don’t have very much to eat, if anything, and not much variety.
Dominique thought it was wonderful! She loves rice and beans!

One of my best friends, Kendra, is due to have her second child on Sunday and has asked me to attend her birth (at home). Yay! I am very excited! So, in order to insure that I would have a way to make it to the birth, they loaned me one of their cars a couple days ago. So, I have been trying to catch up on errands this week while I have wheels. 😉

Today we didn’t go anywhere, though. Life still stays interesting at home, though. Joshua and Dominique sometimes play *together* nicely, but it is not always nice. Dominique likes to mess things up, and Joshua is a neat nick…. so that can get sticky. Today she was taking all of his art supplies off of the shelf, and he was not happy about it! He tried to stop her, and she bit him. Ouch! He had some nice teeth marks on his hand.

Speaking of teeth, the fourth of Dominique’s one year molars started to finally pop through today. It has been worse than the other three. I am hoping that now that it is actually coming through, we will all be sleeping more peacefully.

And speaking of “actually”, that is currently one of Joshua’s favorite words! He likes to say, “Actually, Mommy, I would like to color now”, or something similar. His favorite thing now is trying to read. He is constantly pointing out words on everything and sounding them out to try to figure out what they say. A lot of times he gets it right! And the other times he is close. 🙂 He goes around all day making the sound of “M”, like “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, McDonalds, Mommy, Mmm, Mama, Mmmm, monkey!!! All “M” words!!!!” It is too cute.

Fabio has been trying to get over a cold and working hard and tired a lot. The hispanic ministry continues, slowly but surely. Chupis came over Sunday evening and he and Fabio went to see Jose, who recently had a heart attack. Then yesterday, Daniel showed up for dinner and stayed a couple of hours to talk and pray with Fabio. Tatiana comes around a lot, and as of last week, a new lady, Maria, has been coming too.

My mom started a new job yesterday as a hostess at Teibel’s. She seems to be liking it.

Well, for not having much to say, I guess I did okay! LOL. More later.

And in case you see this, I love you, Daddy!