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Joshua is improving in his photo taking expertise!

He took this picture of Dominique and I (when Dominique’s nose was still scuffed up ~ it’s not a new owie.)
This is another birthday picture, a few days after his birthday.

abio got his dream gift from my family: a Stiletto titanium hammer! He says now he can feel like a REAL carpenter. 🙂
This one below is a great sibling shot! I caught Joshua and Dominique reading in the living room ~ it was too cute! Joshua was reading a dictionary, and Dominique was reading a book with Bible verses about God’s attributes. I think Joshua must be taking after his Grandpa Rex, who used to read the dictionary as a kid “for fun”! Anyway, Joshua was trying to get Dominique to look at the camera for me and smile! He was like “LOOK, Dominique!!!” HAHA ~ she didn’t want to! In the next picture, she did finally decide to look, once Joshua got his hand off her neck! You can see what her hair looks like when she has had a piggie on top and takes it out!

They really do love each other, though, in spite of certain sibling moments.

Here I caught Dominique giving Joshua a big hug. 🙂 It is not an uncommon sight, and I am grateful for these loving moments.